On behalf of the creative community at Positive Feedback Online, and in recognition of truly superior show room sonics and musical experience, providing a haven for the weary audio traveler at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011, this award was presented to ATR Services in order to encourage further excellence in fine audio, to the greater good of all who love it.

Mike with one of his Ampex ATR-102 tape recorders with custom Aria electronics.

Mike with one of his Ampex ATR-102 tape recorders with custom Aria electronics.

Anyone who wanted to learn what the state-of-the-art in sources sounded like benefited by spending some serious time in the Blue Light Audio room. Between this room and the Analogue Productions surround demo, Playback Designs excelled in every parameter, and every source was an audio education.

The Blue Light Audio Room was the cutting edge in fine audio sounds like.

“I just want to let you know that Drexel University’s Music Industry program has adopted ATR tapes for all our analog machines. We are running an all analog class using multiple formats from 1/4 inch to 2 inch and we are thrilled to have found a new tape manufacturer to work with. So far our students love their tapes.”

Cheers! Long live Analog.

Cyrille Taillandier
Assistant Teaching Professor
Music Industry
Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
Drexel University


ATR Services celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

Founded in 1991 after leaving Ampex , Mike Spitz introduced a series of technical improvements and products to enhance the audio excellence of the Ampex ATR 102 recorder – as well as other tape machines.

Products such as ARIA discrete electronic modules ,the HDV-2 tube mastering electronics and the VS-20 high resolution variable speed controller, have been invaluable tools used by recording and mastering engineers, to accurately pitch analog master tapes and provide the best possible audio fidelity and accurate playback.

In 1998 ATR Services developed the first practical 1” 2 track studio recorder based on an ATR102 platform – which has proved to be extremely popular for mixing, by offering extended dynamic range and excellent bass response at 30 ips.

ATR Magnetics – the sister company – celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Following the exit of 3M ,BASF/EMTEC and Quantegy from the analog tape market, ATR Magnetics was formed in 2004.

The only existing USA based analog tape manufacturer – ATR Magnetics produces a well respected range of high output analog audio mastering tape, winning a TEC Award in 2008.

In 2011 the company consolidated both divisions (hardware and tape) into a new 13,000 sq ft facility in York,PA.

ATR continues its legacy of support and innovation, for the worldwide analog pro-audio and consumer audiophile markets.


ATR Services Inc. regularly holds seminars (at our HQ), to demonstrate alignment and calibration methods, for all types of analog recorders.
We encourage every analog tape recorder user to attend whenever possible, to learn invaluable tips and get the best performance out of your recorder.

The next seminar is FRI APRIL 20th 2012.
Please call 717 852 7755 for more info and registration.