Professional Recording Studios

ATR Services is best known for detailed restorations of the Ampex ATR-100 Series recorders. Our restorations are more detailed in construction and accuracy than were possible or practical at the Ampex factory. We take great care not to alter the exceptional sonic qualities of the best tape recorder ever produced. We do however improve the build quality and incorporate a number of reliability modifications as the original models were subject to a number of related failures.

Quotations available by phone or email.

A sampling of some of our clients:

Chuck Ainley

Martina & John McBride

Crystalphonic Studio

Curb Studio

Doug Slogan/Studio B Mastering

Elton John Team

Ron St. Germain

Hank Williams

Joel Dech

Ken Callart

Gary Ladinsky, Design FX

Emily Lazar, the Lodge

Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering

Mik Fraser with Aria

Elliot Mazer with Aria

Mike Wells Mastering

Benny Andersson, Mono Music

Rolff Zweip, Blackbird Rentals

Simon Heyworth
Super Audio Mastering

Studio B