Flux Magnetics Tape Heads

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ATR Services is the original supplier of Flux Magnetics tape heads. Flux Magnetics, founded by Greg Orton, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art analog professional audio tape heads for the recording industry.

ATR Services can outfit your ATR-100 series head block assembly in a variety of track configurations:

ERP – Mono – “Full Track”
ERP – 2-Track NAB Stereo – “Half Track”
P – Bidirectional Stereo – “Quarter Track”
P – Slow Speed Optimized

ERP – 2-Track Stereo – Mastering Standard Series*
P – 2-Track Stereo – Mastering Extended Series** (Currently Unavailable)
P – 3-Track – “Left, Right, Center”
P – 4-Track

ERP – 2-Track Stereo – Mastering Extended Series** (Currently Unavailable)

E – Erase      R – Record      P – Reproduce

*Mastering Standard Series are designed using original, Ampex specifications.
**Mastering Extended Series are custom designed for 15 and 30 IPS operation to provide increased
tape stability for thicker oxide tapes, increased bias and record drive head room, and 20 Hz playback
wavelength response at 30 IPS.