ATR Services provides analog recorder alignment and calibration seminars.

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ATR Services Inc. regularly holds seminars (at our HQ), to demonstrate alignment and calibration methods, for all types of analog recorders. We encourage every analog tape recorder user to attend whenever possible, to learn invaluable tips and get the best performance out of your recorder.

Our goal is to provide the analog user’s (and aspiring users!) community with a source for better understanding the complex world of analog recording, ATR Services offers one-day seminars at its York, PA location.

Attendees of all ability and experience levels are welcome, as we cover a wide range of topics and tailor each seminar to the particular needs and questions of the participants.

These seminars are not geared toward any particular brand or format of recorder, and provide in-depth information and experience that applies to any analog machine.

Topics covered include theory of magnetic recording, mechanical and electronic calibration of machines (tape operating level, speed, azimuth, zenith, head wrap, bias and equalization adjustments), choosing tape formulations, media care and storage and trouble-shooting and maintenance issues.

More advanced participants will also learn subtle alignment tips and techniques that let you fine tune a tape recorder for that personal “dialed-in” quality needed for various types of music projects.

Seminar participants will be given hands on experience aligning both mixdown and multitrack recorders.